Guaranteed Sold Expired Listings!

It is time to Get the Job Done!

You’ve probably come to us because you are not happy that your last agent failed to sell your home. Lack of showngs, slow to no follow up, little to no communication from the agent.  This is what we hear from sellers just like you when thier last agent couldn't get the job done. 

Let us tell you, we’ve had amazing success with people just like you with one, two, or even three agents who just could not get the job done. When they chose to work with John Quinn, he got their home sold and he did it for top dollar, and in a shorter time frame than it was on the market when it expired. He built his business on getting the job done when nobody else could.

It is time for a change.  Let the agent with the best track record in the Memphis help you.  John Quinn will make your home the most sought after home in the neighborhood.  Fill out the form below and get packing!

Find out how his Expired Listing Program will work for you, simply fill in the form below or Call us directly at 901-685-6000 or at 901-591-8100.  There is no cost or obligation.

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